Bchaaleh Trails Association

Olive Cultural Heritage Tour

"A night of enchantment and exploration..."

Olive Cultural Heritage Experience at Bchaaleh Trails

The olive cultural heritage experience features different outdoor and indoor stations and workshops, nested in ancient houses dispersed throughout Bchaaleh Village. Learn more about our Ecomuseum and all activities

You can choose to visit all or some of these stations depending on the allocated resources (budget and time) you put for your visit. The Millennial Olive Trees of Bchaaleh and its historical churches are included in all programs as a basic introduction for cultural immersion. Scavengers and mind games will be performed by our local guide during the day to consolidate the captured information in an interactive way.

The journey will end by a visit to the gift shop where visitors will have the chance to take souvenirs/local products from Bchaaleh and support the local community.

Visitors will be walking throughout the old paths of the village to move from one station to another. Thus, the final timing of the program will be defined upon the final chosen stations and workshops.

The program can be flexible and tailored to meet your objectives.

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