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Millennium Olive Trees Tour

"A journey back in time..."

Millennium Olive Trees Tour at Bchaaleh Trails

Step back in time with us on the Millennium Olive Tree Tour—an experience like no other. This isn’t your typical culinary outing or picnic; instead, we invite you to embrace the timeless traditions of the old Lebanese farmers.

Join us for an immersive adventure in Bchaaleh, where you’ll live like a true farmer. Engage with the locals, savor delicious traditional cuisine made from locally sourced ingredients, and immerse yourself in the diverse natural beauty of the area.From exploring ancient olive groves to learning about the age-old techniques of olive cultivation, every moment promises to be a journey of discovery.

As part of this unique tour, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in cultural and outdoor activities that offer insights into the rich heritage of the region, such as experiencing the authentic “Zouwedeh” farmer’s lunch box, enjoying a traditional picnic lunch in nature, embarking on guided visits to the Millennial Olive Trees of Noah, exploring guided hikes of different difficulty levels, participating in soap making or wood carving activities with local artisans, receiving hand-made souvenirs, and visiting the Bchaaleh farmer’s market and gift shop.

So, if you’re ready to experience the authentic charm of rural Lebanon and create memories that will last a lifetime, join us for the Millennium Olive Tree Tour.

Step into the past and let the spirit of the Lebanese countryside captivate your senses.

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