Bchaaleh Trails Association

of Olive Tree Culture
in Bchaaleh

Tales Among Olive Trees

Bchaaleh's eco museum is not a traditional exposition of artifacts, it's a trip that immerses you in the heart of the village. As you explore its various stations, you'll discover the deep connection of the village community with the millennium olive trees, known as Noah's olives, guardians of local history.

Discover Our Activities

Fuel yourself with our luxurious olives and golden oil
See the traditional house and its inherited authenticity
Taste & Learn the secrets of the Arak technique
Enjoy the splendor of artistic carvings made from our olive wood

What to Expect?

Prepare yourself for a unique journey, where you will not only visit a museum, but the elements of the living heritage of the olive tree. You will understand why the thousand-year-old olive trees are much more than just trees, they are the beating heart and vibrant soul of a community proud of its exceptional heritage.

You will discover the tales, the legends and the celebrations, related to the olive tree for centuries, by visiting the stations dedicated to traditional techniques of olive cultivation, livestock farming, soap making, olive wood crafts and traditional dishes. You’ll have the opportunity to visit historical churches, iconic religious sites that stand as a testament to the spiritual significance of the olive tree. At the gift shop, you can take home a piece of the village culture.

Welcome to Bchaaleh, where the olive trees have shaped an identity ready to be shared with you.